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You can register almost any domain name with Freecom Internet Services (providing it isn't already taken!). This can then be pointed at your website, so that people have an address to find it. We can also setup email accounts for you using your new domain name.

Our top of the range anti-spam services ensure you only get the email YOU want. As a business internet service provider, Freecom is able to provide specialised email solutions. We provide a series of inter-related products to ensure your business is ably equipped to respond to your customers efficiently.

Sending and receiving emails? We can provide email accounts on our main email server (using POP3 technology.) This allows you to receive emails using professional email addresses like

We can also provide you with access to our mail server to send your email, which is constantly monitored, has advanced security features and doesn’t suffer from the same down-time that free email servers (like the ones provided free with your internet service provider) suffer from. As well as these core services, we also offer free webmail accessible from any computer connected to the internet, managed anti-virus solutions, and anti-spam filtering.

Support With Our Email Products

As with all our business products, we provide unrivalled customer support available immediately when you become a customer. This means that you will have access to a UK based, and highly experienced technical support team.

We can help you with everything from setting up your email account to work with the email program on your computer, or assist you in using our free webmail service and plus more …

For more information please see our POP or IMAP email page

Email Protection

When your email account is hosted by us, we can provide top of the range anti-spam services using some of the most advanced techniques available today. This means that you are not spending time sorting through unsolicited emails.

Another key threat to businesses is the prevalence of malicious software like Trojan horses, viruses, general malware, key loggers, and specially crafted malicious software designed to exploit issues in your email software. If any single piece of malicious software makes it to your computer, you could lose passwords, credit card details and even control of your computer.

Don’t take this risk and allow our experts to protect your email for you.

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